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Are you looking for a professional and accommodating counselling service provider in the Redlands or online? Contact The Family Room today to schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned psychologists. Feel free to email or call us directly, and we will get back by the next business day.

Payment Options

You may access Medicare rebates through the “Better Access to Mental Health Care” scheme through your GP.  Alternatively, if you have private health insurance extras cover you may be eligible to make a claim for your counselling sessions. Please refer to our Fees page. 

Service Area

Our face to face counselling and therapy services are located at Cleveland in Queensland, Australia.  We also offer online and telephone counselling and consult with clients throughout Australia. 

Business Hours

Monday:              9:00 AM  -   5:00 PM

Tuesday:              9:00 AM  -   5:00 PM

Wednesday:      9:00 AM  -   5:30 PM

Thursday:            9:00 AM  -   7:00 PM

Friday:                   9:00 AM  -   5:00 PM

Contact Information

The Family Room


Unit 6 / 31 Middle Street,

Cleveland QLD 4163

(entry on Doig Street)

Phone: 1800 230 710

Fax: (07) 3041 0502


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